Hi, My name is Karen! I’m a TV Producer by day and miniature food jewelry maker by night! I love all things sweet and cute.
More about me: I like cupcakes and stuff. I live in Los Angeles and am a rare Angeleno native. I love this city and reallly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Most of my days are filled dreaming about having my own cupcake/cake bakery, looking on ebay for Blythe dolls, and going around town with my man trying to score rare toys at Target and Toys R us and buying cupcake paraphenalia anywhere I can find it. If I could live in Disneyland I would. I love mid-century architecture and want to have a house exactly like the houses on The Incredibles. I like the color pink and think it’s the perfect compliment to the color brown and when u put the color cream up next to that it reminds me of my childhood and Neopolitan ice cream sandwiches which are awesome.

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